Physical Drivers for Smart Sensors I Actuators I Distributed Control System Designs

  • Thermal Environment
  • Externals Packaging
  • Rapid Reconfiguration / Upgradability
  • Generic Physical / Functional Interface
  • Environmental Requirements
  • Certification Impact
  • Integration Testing
  • Developing Standards
  • Financial Responsibility

Focus on Near-Term Applications

  • Concentrate on commercial applications with production volumes
  • Design for maximum leveraging though multiple applications

Externals Packaging

  • Need to integrate electronics onto or within existing hardware
  • Minimize unique hardware
  • Adding new/extra mounting hardware drives cost, weight in the wrong direction

Environmental Requirements

  • Design for existing ambient temperatures and vibration environments
  • Don't drive cost/complexity into the DCM to withstand unrealistic margins
  • Focus on actual engine environments, not 00160/810 generic requirements
  • Design electronics to withstand existing hardware thermal conditions
  • Recognize limitations of typical industry materials
  • Aluminums (300F/149C), Elastomers (350F/177F)

Certification Impact, Changes to Testing

  • Allow certification at modular level
  • Require system level certification using black box approach to testing
  • Allow flexible system expansion/contraction without recert. required

Integration testing

  • System integration testing paradigms will shift
  • System integration tasks will shift one layer down the food chain
    • AS/OS boundaries may drive testing location, integration responsibilities

DECWG® Collaboration on Industry-Wide High Temp Electronics Requirements