Distributed Engine Controls Technologies


  • Partially Distributed Intelligent Control System
    • PHM ( system level vs subsystem level PHM, Prognostic advisor, Physic-based damage & fault model, statistical-based fault model (MBC), Integrated C&EHM)
    • Mission Optimization (CBM+, LEC, etc.)
    • Service Optimization (part replacement, predicting failure, time of replacement, prediction & accommodation, detection & isolation)
  • FADEC Thermal Management System
    • Active Cooling System for Electronics Durability
    • High Temperature Sensor System (T3, T4, T5, TEGT, etc)
    • High Temperature Actuator Technology
  • High Temperature Actuation System for High Mach Applications
  • High Temperature Sensors
  • Electric C&A Technologies – pump motors, actuation system, controller
  • Active Control Support for Other Components - Active Clearance Control for Turbine. & Compressor), Active Stall and Combustor Control, Engine Thermal Management System, Fluidic Control, etc.
  • Simplified robust high temperature Low-Cost Fuel Metering Unit for small Turboshaft, Turbofan, UAV applications
  • Robust Simplified, High Efficiency Turbofan Fuel System
  • Robust, High Accuracy Torque Sensor
    • Accessories diagnostics and prognostics (VHF diagnostics)

Software/Control Logic

    • Integrated Control and Engine Health Management System
    • Autonomous Propulsion Control Technology for Unmanned Applications
    • Model-Based Control & Diagnostics for Turbo-Shaft Engine
  • Electrical System
  • Advanced Control Logic (Model Predictive control, Model based control &PHM, Adaptive/active control)
  • Fuel & Hydraulic System (VDVP, Simplified FPMU, High temperature Actuators for Scramjet, etc)
  • Advanced Turbine Clearance Control System (tip clearance sensors, LEC, active/passive clearance control
  • Sensing technologies (smart sensor, high temperature sensors, wireless sensors, microwave sensors, electrostatic sensors) for PHM and controls
  • PHM technologies (Real-time PHM, debris monitoring, Exhaust monitoring, vibration monitoring, MB PHM, reasoners, models, signal processing) hardware/software)

Distributed Open Software (DOS) Hierarchical Architectures for Control Systems