Working with DECWG®

DEC Task: A Multi‐Pronged Strategy

Near Term Path —> Revolutionary

Identify and overcome the significant barriers to technology.

  1. Create a sustainable infrastructure for embedded high temperature electronics
    • Work within DECWG® to leverage efforts and expertise
  2. Develop tools to aid design, analysis, and optimization of control systems
    • Extend modeling and simulation tools to include Hardware-in-the-Loop
    • Develop new analysis tools to quantify benefits and optimize performance
    • Assist the development of new smart control effectors

    Long Term Path —> Evolutionary

    Extend capabilities to continually improve engine performance and safety

  3. Develop high temperature electronics technology to extend the reach and functional capability of embedded electronics above 250C
    • Develop practical Silicon Carbide (SiC) circuits
    • Develop reliable SiC components and packaging

Collaboration Opportunities


Developing a New Capability Skill Set

new capability skill set

Need collaboration on Smart Sensors and Actuators